Thursday, April 21, 2011


My White Wish List.

White Toms

White Bedding
White Ceramic Fossil Watch

This white Bedroom Set
(I love the Dresser doors)

Cute White Kitchen

A bowl of ice cream, Yum!

White Express Tank Top

A new white Vehicle.

Seems I could most likely only buy one of these at the moment. . . .
Ice cream anyone?


  1. I'm all for eating ice cream with you! You should make some tomorrow night when you get here (if it's hard to do i'll help), then we'll have all weekend to enjoy it!

  2. All of that sounds awesome!!! Do you know they have sparkly white TOMS?? They sound way cute!! I love white- its just so crisp and clean!! :-)Where is that bed spread from?

  3. I agree. White is so clean and fresh! Can't wait to celebrate Jordan's big graduation with you tomorrow! That truly is one AWESOME accomplishment!

  4. Sorry Brooke after looking at your picture those are the sparkly white Toms.

  5. I can't wait till tomorrow too mother! And Morgan, the Bedding is from Pottery barn Teen, I want it. I have asked for all of the items above for my Birthday. Emily, ice cream is easy, I'll bring my maker. :)