Monday, June 13, 2011

I turn 24!

 My 24th Birthday was on June 4th!

This year I was lucky enough to spend it in Florida with Jordan's family!
We left for Florida (from Georgia) that afternoon and arrived that night.

Jordan and I decided to go out and celebrate together.

We first went to this delicious pizza place!


  . . . . Walked over to this cute ice cream shop for dessert!

Then walked down to the beach. . . .

 That night we went back to our beach house and celebrated with the rest of the family!

 In the Cushman Family we draw names for Birthdays/Christmas.

(Who's ever name who draw for Christmas, you also are in charge 
of their birthday the following year)

This year Johnathan had me!

He got me this cute scarf and watch!

 Lisa and Craig (Jordan's parents) got me a gift card to Charming Charlies 
where I picked out this cute purse.

 Then my sweet husband got me some fun things as well!. . . .

 Also, might I add a gift certificate to a spa back {home*} in California!

As well as some massages from spa Jordan Cushman!
(Just what I wanted)

It was a very fun birthday!  And a great start to a fantastic week
with the Cushman family in Florida!

Stay tuned for more fun in Florida.

*home in California, still a bit weird to say.


  1. happy birthday!!! it looks like you had a fun time out in FLORIDA!!!(jealous) we're getting too old Brooke. can you believe we've been graduated over 5 years now. NUTS!!!

  2. Oh. My. Word. I literally just squealed about the fact that you got the Lee Dewyze CD. In case you didn't know I love him with all my heart. Stay Here is my favorite song. Go ahead and listen to it... I'll wait...