Friday, June 3, 2011

Our New Home

We are officially residents of California.

It's a bit weird to be honest,
give it a little time, and it will begin to feel like home!

My parents and brother Ryan helped move us out there, and I am so glad they came!!

We got there friday night and moved all of our stuff in,
and put as much possible away so we could have a fun day in San Francisco on Saturday.

Saturday Jordan took us to his work. 
We only looked outside, but it looks like a pretty cool place!
I hope that they allow visits from wives often!
Especially lunch visits!

If you want to check out just how cool google really is,
go here.

Then we headed to Peir 39 in San Francisco.
It turned out to be a pretty chilly day!
(I should've taken more pictures, but it was too rainy for me!)

Now for the apartment.
I couldn't have done it without my mother there!
Thanks for all your help mom!!!
It is nice to get out of the ghetto-ness of our Provo apartment.
It is still a bit small, but works for now, and we love it!

The Kitchen:

The Bathroom:
(which is not yet finished, I need some towels and a shower curtain, so if anyone finds a cute yellow one let me know.) 

A washer and dryer, which I am so glad to finally have!

Our Bedroom:
(which is also unfinished, I need a bedspread, and my pillows and such)

Our living room:

So, there it is, our California home.
for other pictures, check here.

Now, I am in Georgia, and tomorrow, 
(which also is my birthday)
we are off to Florida for a week, which is going to be so heavenly!!!

So I hope you all have a sunny week, because I know mine is going to 
be the greatest!

(Birthday week, Florida, 90+ weather, and the beach. . . . nothing really is much better!)


  1. Your new home looks adorable!! Have so much fun in Georgia/Florida! We will be calling you to wish you a happy birthday tomorrow.

  2. The pictures of your new home sweet home are cute!
    Have fun on your trip to Georgia and Florida. Nothing
    like going from 60 degree weather to the 90's. I know
    you two will have fun! :o)

  3. Looking so cute! We can't wait util we're there sleeping on that couch!