Monday, June 20, 2011

Week One

Jordan and I have now been in San Francisco for one week!
And we have one week left till Jordan starts work, so we have been trying to explore as 
much as we can, and figure our way around this place!

We have done quite a few fun things!

We have learned there is unlimited shopping here!
By Stanford is an out door mall that is really pretty, but a bit to fancy for me!

There are really cool malls, with every store I could ever need!

We have been to Downtown Sunnyvale and Palo Alto, which there the street is lined
with all kinds of eating places, that all look so delicious!!!!

 Jordan's friend from his old job @ Orange Soda was out here for business
and we went to dinner at Down town Palo Alto.

They told us that Mark Zuckerberg comes here multiple times a week.

Then I had been really wanting to go to the Farmers Market Saturday morning in San Francisco.

I was so excited about this! 
And I can't wait to go back again once Jordan starts working!

Fresh Vegetables, tomatoes in particular are one of my top .  .  .  10 favorite things!

Then today we went to Santa Cruz, which I was just as excited about that as the Farmers Market!

I can't even tell you how much I loved it here!
It was so much fun!

There was the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with all kinds of fun things to do.
Or just lay out at the beach!

 I got in line for a Diet Pepsi, and came back with this.  It was very tasty!

We then drove up the coast to Half Moon Bay.
It was a very cool and pretty drive!

I still can't believe we live here!
It is different, but a lot of fun!  And we are beginning to see why people love this area so much!  

There is so much to do, and I am excited for all the fun things to see and explore!


  1. Beautiful!!! It looks like so much fun. How fun that you guys get to explore for one more week together!

  2. Let's start planning an anniversary trip. I want to come! Figure out when your leaving for Georgia and stuff.

  3. Can I come visit?? It looks so fun! I want that corn on the cob.... and the beach! :]

  4. Both of you can come! And anniversary, yes! I will look into that so you can come! You'd love all the things here!