Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Birthay Weekend

It was an eventful weekend.

On Jordan's actual birthday, Friday,  we. . . . 

Had lunch at Google.

{Which I am still impressed I can take whatever I want to eat, and just walk away without having to pay.  .  .  . 
It's a dream!}

We later opened his gifts, then headed to dinner and Captain America.


 Saturday we went to Monterey and did the 17-mile Drive @ Pebble Beach, which I totally recommend for anyone in town!

It costs 9.50 a car to do it, but if you eat at one of the Pebble Beach Restaurants and spend 25 dollars there, they will take the 9.50 off your bill!

 This map showed 21 spots to stop at.  We stopped at every point, and took pictures at every stop as well.
I'll spare you most of those and show you some favorites.

For lunch we ate at one of the golf courses. Sticks Restaurant.
It was what we found to be the least expensive of the restaurants.
{We aren't real fancy and don't like to spend 18 dollars for a turkey sandwich, or 30 for some chicken.}
  The food was so good!  And the view so pretty!

Too bad neither of us know how to golf.
Golfers would be in heaven here!  Even more so than us!

I had fish and chips and a caesar salad, Jordan a philly-cheese steak sandwich, then we
shared them.  I am craving both at this moment!
{I don't think I have ever ordered fish and chips, but I loved it!}

I loved the Golf Courses right on the water like this, very cool!

 We looked like major tourists.
With my I {heart} SF jacket, and driving in our Georgia plated car!

(But we usually look like tourists wherever we go anyway with all our photos!)

And our last stop on the drive, AT&T Pebble Beach Golf Course!

 This view seemed unreal, it looked just like a painting!

After we headed to Carmel.

Which can I say is the cutest little town ever!
We didn't get there till it was getting dark, but Carmel beach looked so delightful, I can't wait to go back!  Also, you can have a fire on these beaches!
The streets along the beach were lined with these cute homes that look like 
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs might be living inside.

And downtown Carmel had a Park City feel to it.
They had these little Inns and Bed and Breakfasts that we one day plan to stay in.

Also restaurants, shops, and gallery's lining the street.

We of course stopped at the candy shop, then ended the day with some hot apple cider to warm us up on this chilly night!

I wish birthday's came around more often!

The cities of Monterey and Carmel get TWO  's from me!


  1. That looks like such a fun place! I want to live in Carmel! The name of the dish at The Cheesecake Factory is Chicken Bellagio, and it's only on the menu with the specials on it. Scott and I both love it!
    You are gorgeous by the way! Lucky girl.

  2. i could live in carmel! thats one of my favorite spots to visit. cute pictures! glad you had fun

  3. What inspired the fish & chips? That was a brave move!

    Very cute pictures, you will forsure have to take us to all of those places when we come visit! Love you guys and I'm glad you had a good birthday Jordan!

  4. This looks like such a fun birthday weekend! California is amazing!

  5. Oh my, what a wonderful getaway! I love love love all of your pictures. You left me both hungry, and ready to pack my bags for the west coast:) You guys are so darling. I am so happy that you are living this stage of your life to the fullest~ you will never regret it, or forget these fun memories! ~xo

    p.s. Happy birthday to Jordan! And if we ever get in your neck of the woods you can be our tour guide:)

  6. oh, and about Zac... he does have a girl that he is dating pretty serious, but I am not sure if they are dating other people?? I will find out and let you know!! Thanks for keeping him in mind:)

  7. You are so adorable Brooke. I love all of the great pictures you take! This looks like something we'll definitely have to do.

    When would you like to hang out? Jayce is ready for a new friend, Halli would love it!. Ok, me too. I am wanting to chat longer than 2 minutes in RS for weekend updates! :)