Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Wedding

Saturday Jordan and I went to his friend PJ's Wedding.

It was the cutest thing ever!  My pictures don't even do it justice.
It looked like a wedding right out of a movie.

They were married in the Oakland Temple, then had a ring ceremony and reception that night.

I loved it!

Location:  One Room School House
Colors:  Yellow and Blue
Shuttle:  School Bus
Food:  Picnic Food
(Sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit kabob, chips, etc.)
Dress:  Oscar De La Renta
Honeymoon:  3 weeks in Europe.*

It was really the cutest thing ever!  I wanted to spend all night there.

 I love weddings.
I think it is seeing people so in love that I love most.

It always makes me appreciate being married, and being married to Jordan
of all people.
I am glad we are so in love.

Another thing I am "glad" for. . . . . 
. . . . .  This upcoming wedding!

I'll be back home in two months!

I am counting down the days!

*They are going to Europe for three weeks.
PJ is who helped Jordan get his job at google. PJ has
worked there for a year now.  And tells us this job is why he
can afford to go to Europe for three weeks.  I have high hopes
for us in the next year.  Europe sounds delightful.

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