Monday, July 18, 2011

A Weekend in SF

Our weekend started Thursday night.  Well, mine did.
Jordan the poor soul had to get up Friday morning for work after we decided to
get ourselves out to the midnight showing of Harry Potter.

Lets get this straight, I am not in any way a Harry Potter fan.
But Jordan is, I love him, and I will rarely turn down going to a movie.

So we went, Jordan loved it, I. . . . . . fell asleep.

Jordan has some friends from high school who now live in San Francisco.
(Who he hasn't seen in 7 years!)

So we ventured down to see them.
We are going to have to meet up with Marlyce and Tyler again so they can show us around 
San Francisco a little bit more!

It was fun/interesting to see how different the city living is.
With their old and tiny, crazy expensive apartments, and living right in the middle of all of that 
city maddness!

While living in the middle of a big city like that would be a fun adventure,
I'll take the 30 minute drive and the apartment I've got.

After hanging out with them for a while, we went over to a friend of Jordan's from work
who wanted to have all of them over.  

Again, their living is different from any I am used to, but entertaining, 
and fun to get together with Jordan's friends from work. 

Saturday we wanted to see what was in Sausilito.  
Sometimes I think it would be best if we just hired a tour guide to take us around.

While I was trying to take us here. . . . 

(Pretty right!?!)

We ended up here. . . . 
It was as creepy as it looks.

We also learned it is fog season in San Francisco.  

Jordan tried to comfort me by telling me we probably 
couldn't have seen the lighthouse anyway. . .

Come September though, after fog season is over, I will find that dang lighthouse!

After we toured Sausilito, we decided we wanted some good food!
(More I decieded I wanted to eat something really good, Jordan would have settled for McDonalds)

I had read about this pizza place and had been wanting to try it, and oh my!

A small, very small Italian restaurant, located in north beach*.
One of the best pizza's I have ever had.  It is wood-fired and delicious! 
Come try it.

 We had a caesar salad and the spinach and parmasean cheese pizza.
I'd highly recommend both!

Weekends with Jordan are my favorite.

*I say northbeach as if        
know what I am talking about. 
I had to look that up.       
Northbeach, financial district,  
mission district. . .         
 I have a lot to learn!       

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  1. Brooke, I'm so jealous of all your FUN adventures! You guys are always doing the funnest things! Maybe one day I'll have to come visit ya in SF! :)