Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It was going to be a nice beach day, so we headed to the beach!

Capitola is 10 minutes south of Santa Cruz.
We had heard it was a cute little beach city, not as touristy as Santa Cruz,
so we decided to check it out!

We laid out on the beach, walked around some little shops, and then tried one of the restaurants for dinner.

 Here is my breakdown on Capitola.

Beach:  Nice.  Good for laying out, not super crowded.
Town/shops:  Cute.  Very quant and adorable.
Atmosphere:  Cute shops, cool buildings, happy people.
Food:  I am sure there is good food, but ours was a let down.
Don't go to Margaritaville.  Next time we will try a restaurant not on the beach, 
I think it's more expensive there.
Food wasn't too good.  Jordan lost his apatite after a few bites of his ribs.
Bobby Flay would have found the food unacceptable. :)

Other than the food, Capitola was a cute little town.
We quite enjoyed it.

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  1. This looks like an adorable little city! I wish I could just go to the beach for the day, unfortuantely Oklahoma just doesn't offer that. - Alyssa