Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blake and Taylor's Wedding

It was such a fun day!
We are all so happy for Blake to have finally got married!
I love seeing how happy Taylor makes him, they are perfect for each other.
The two of them are so adorable,
and I am so glad we got to share such a fun day with them.

(don't you think we need one. . .)

Their luncheon was held at the Lion House and was wonderful as well.

They had their reception at Taylor's aunts beautiful home.
It turned out so great! Every detail was perfect.

(I need one of him too, he is the cutest thing that ever existed)

Now the two are off on their honeymoon, 
and I am sure they are having the greatest time ever!
Being married is the best thing, and nothing compares to being married in the temple, and
knowing you can spend eternity with one another.

It has been so much fun spending the last week with my family,
and getting ready for this fun day!

Congratulations again Blake and Taylor!
I love that you now have each other!


  1. Sooo Sweet! It's wonderful isn't it! I love you guys! :o)

  2. Cute pictures! We loved spending all day with our family. I cant wait till Ryan gets married so we can do it all again :)

  3. Aw congrats to them! It looked like such a beautiful day! && they are so cute together :)

  4. Cute pictures! I just commented on Emily's, but you guys have the most beautiful family. The wedding looked so pretty. Im very happy for Blake. Im glad he found such a great gal!

  5. What a special day! You all look wonderful... Isn't family the best!? Congrats Blake and Taylor!

  6. Brooke! I LOVE that yellow skirt you are wearing! Where did you get that?? I need it! Your family really is the greatest! I love you all!!
    Love, Kathryn Marie!

  7. Kathryn, I got it at the Banana Republic Outlet. It is cute isn't it. :) and Emily, our mother dear is real pretty.