Monday, October 10, 2011

Bobby Flay

So I am still a "house wife" here in California.
(in other words, jobless)

Mornings around here sometimes go something like this.

Jordan leaves around 730 {ish} while I continue to sleep.
At 9 I make my way into the living room, and watch Regis and Kelly,
at 10 is the View, at 11 I get ready,
and then my day goes on from there.
(ok, I confess, I also now have been watching The Chew at 12, too.
That just sounded way too lazy and pathetic to add)

Well, Bobby Flay was on the View the other day, 
and made a chicken dish I wanted to try.

So I did. 

Here is the Bobby Flay's clip.
And below is my recipe and directions.

Chicken Breast (how ever many you want to make)
Bread Crumbs mixed w/crushed corn flakes
Egg, beaten
Cheese (of choice)
Ham, thin sliced
Salt & Pepper
Cooking Oil

Flatten out chicken breast with a mallot.
Salt and pepper chicken. Then coat chicken with flour, drench in egg, 
and coat with bread crumb/corn flake mixture.
Heat on stove oil, covering bottom of skillet, 
and cook chicken, cooking 3 minutes on each side.
When chicken is done, add sliced cheese, then top with ham.
(keep on stove allowing cheese to melt.)

Bobby said to use a cream cheese, which I did, but I think next time I will
use a "regular" cheese  {mozzarella, cheddar, swiss. . . .}.


  1. Oh honey my tv line up goes allll day. Colton wanted to move a tv into our bedroom this weekend but I'm afraid if we did that I'd still be in bed everyday when he gets home from work. Sitting on the couch doesn't seem so bad! I hope you tune into The Talk, its my very favorite hour.

    Anyway, come over and make us some dinner!

  2. Where do I begin? You are workin' the kitchen girl~ and I love it! This recipe looks amazing, I will have to try:) The salsa and pumpkin roll are also calling my name! Your new tooth looks amazing~ you should share your story, very inspiring to see where you are today~ so beautiful and happy:) luvs

  3. I made this it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing Brooke!