Monday, March 5, 2012

10 long days

For the past 10 days, my sweet husband has been in
Jordan works with the Latin America team at Google, and they just had a 
conference in Brazil for the past week and a half.

Jordan served his LDS Mission in Sau Paulo, 
which just happens to be where his conference was.
He was so excited to be going back!

While I am so happy he got to go, 
I was not so happy to be home by myself for those 10 days.
It was brutal! And a very long week!

But now he is home, I am happy, and no longer have to be a single wife here.
And the little sweetie got me some gifts. 
 One of the last few days he was there we were talking, and I really started to lose it.
Being the sweet one he is, and to stop my crying, he sent these lovely tulips.
Mmmm. :)
Then brought me home some sandals to match him.

I sure am glad that boy is home safe and sound!
And I hope this never has to happen again. 
 Next time around I will go with him.

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