Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brittany comes to town.

My dear sister in law Brittany came to visit this past weekend.
We loved having her here!
One of Brittany's friends was getting married in Oakland, so after the wedding on Friday,
her and another friend, Brandy, came and stayed with us!

We had lots of fun touring San Francisco.
And got to eat some of that delicious pizza I had mentioned to you.

Ghirardelli Square.
{This hot chocolate was all down my white jacket within minutes of drinking it.}
 This is a little tea party restaurant.
It was the cutest thing I ever did see, and I hope I can convince Jordan to go one day.
 China Town.
 We loved having a guest in our home.

We have lived here now for. . . . 9 months, 
and Brittany was the first person to come visit us.
Come on people!  Get with it!
I need you to come visit me!


  1. All you people really should go and visit! It was so fun! Miss you guys. Love ya!