Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Pitcher's

One of the cutest couples ever just moved to our town.
Marianne and I went to high school together, and her husband Landon
was a "Davis boy". They also just had the sweetest baby, Capri.
The Pitchers have been exploring the world.  They just moved from Arizona,
and before that were in Prague. (*jealous)

They are adorable, and I am so happy to have some familiar people around.
We went over for dinner on Friday, it was so fun to catch up.
It is going to be nice to have some good friends around here.

Marianne was the best host and made us such a good dinner, 
while Landon did a excellent job grilling.

 I am glad it is finally getting warm enough for some barbequing,
I sure hope this warm weather lasts!

Thank you Pitcher's for a such a fun weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Brooke I just love you guys, you are too sweet! We had so much fun with you. I'm looking forward to another get together soon!

    PS- I'm going to start commenting on all of your posts so you know I'm your number one fan :)