Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Family comes to San Francisco

This past week my family got to come visit us.  I was so excited to finally have some
guests.  My parents, little brother Ryan, sister Erin, and her two kids Ben and Quinn 
all were able to come.  We had a busy few days, trying to fit lots of fun things in.

Their first day here we spent in San Francisco at Fisherman's Warf/Pier 39.
 The Second Day, was the San Francisco Marathon.  My dad, being the tough guy he is, ran it.
Marathon #11.  He is a champ.  Cutest runner out there for sure!
 After the race we drove to the Golden Gate Bridge.  
In Erin's words, "It was a tourists dream." (she's a sweetie.)
 And our last stop for the day, per Erin's request, the Full House house.  She was almost in tears.

We had two fun days in San Francisco, with two more still to come.



  1. k that picture of ben & erin in front of the bridge is possibly the most adorable picture ever taken. i just love every single one of your cute faces. i can't wait until colton & i have a chance to come & visit.

  2. Thanks for being such a WONDERFUL hostess. We had such a SPLENDID time. I wish we were coming again next week. :o) Love ya!

  3. I wish you were all coming back too. And Emily, start planning your trip!

  4. Mom's mean for only commenting on your posts. She must not love me :(