Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mid Week Movie

I go to movies by myself.

I actually really enjoy it.

I love going to matinee's, especially during the middle of the week.

First off, instead of the movie being $11, it was $6.

There is usually only a handful of people in the theater, meaning,
the entire row, one in front of you, and one behind you to yourself. ***

Then, you get your popcorn, drink, and treats to yourself, and don't have to worry
if your husband is finding the movie super lame and a waste of money.
(Which in this case he would have.  Monte Carlo.  While the movie was just my 
type, he would have hated it.)

So while I prefer the company of Jordan at a movie, 
going alone isn't so bad either! 

*** There were maybe 10, 15 people in this movie max, and as I mentioned, the movie was MONTE CARLO.  
So when a older man, lets say. . . .in his 40's walks in, alone, with his popcorn, drink, and a hat, 
and sits himself maybe 4 seats to the left of me, when there is clearly an entire theater, 
I give myself permission to get up and move three rows back.  Maybe I watch too much Criminal Mind with Jordan,
but get real guy, the only other people here range in ages 5-14 plus their mothers (and me). . . . 

While I may have too been seeing the movie alone, I am far from creepy.
You sir on the other hand,  do not have permission to see this movie mid-day, and alone! 
So unless you have your 12 year old daughter with you, go creep somewhere else!


  1. I've had that same thing happen... But my guy pulled out a lap top! Oh dear.

  2. Don't worry... Gold didn't play this year, you didn't miss out on too much! Hahaha. Jkjkjkjkjkjk