Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Take me out to the ball game . . .

 Yesterday we went to the San Francisco Giants game.

It was so much fun!
I love going to baseball games.

So relaxing, so fun, great company, and the food is always the greatest!

This particular night was LDS night with the Giants!
The missionaries sang the national anthem, and there was special seating for LDS members.

 We heard that the garlic fries are very tasty here, and they met all expectations I had!

A few things we learned from the game. . . . 

Ok, more like ONE thing we learned:
Even if it is 80+ degrees out during the afternoon in San Francisco, the nights at
the Giants games get pretty chilly!

When we walked in the stadium I asked Jordan why everyone seemed to have their winter
coats, gloves and blankets with them. . . . 

It is because with the stadium on the bay like that, it was probably about 50 degrees 
come 6th or 7th inning!

Lucky for me I brought a jacket, and the sweet ladies next to us were
prepared for me and let me use their blanket.

They could tell we were first timers to a Giants game and urged us to come back, 
just a bit more prepared!!!!!!

It was very fun though, and my guess is we will be back very soon!


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  2. How did you pull off that picture from behind?

    Looks like fun! You'll have to take us when we come visit.. we love baseball games too!

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