Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Weekend

I wouldn't expect anything less from Google than the Halloween Party they pulled.
Some even got to work from home for "Google-ween".

Thursday afternoon they had a party for all the kids.
Which I of coarse attended.
Witches, Pirates, Pumpkin heads, and creepy things.

And let's not to forget the treats!
Cookies, fresh popped Kettle Corn, Pretzels, and Funnel Cake!

And look at these creepy guys they brought in.


 Friday was the adult party, which was a lot the same, just add some alcohol.
{The kid party was a bit more my speed.}

Thursday, Jordan's manager told them they had to dress up on Friday, and they'd be meeting that morning for breakfast together. . . . .
So Thursday night we were scrounging for an idea, and here's what we came up with.

He was a "Security Check".

 Next year we will be a bit more prepared for this event.
Halloween here is a big deal.


Here are our cute friends, remember them?
Devin was Michael Jackson/Thriller version, and Brittni was a cute witch.

 Happy Halloween Weekend to you all!

Be good, be safe, have fun,
and take lots of pictures so I can see all of your decorated selves!

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  1. We'll bring you to Ireland if you take us to the next Google party. (And Florida next summer?)

    And you just hold tight little lady.. some good pictures are coming your way! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!