Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Food

I have been nanny-ing for this family a couple days a week.
And they are the sweetest!
But this post is about the cooking skills of their mother.

I have been able to eat dinner with them just about every time I have gone, 
and it has all been so good!

This last time I ate there she made this Lemon Chicken Piccata with Capers.
It was just as good as the name sounds!
I am just getting to know them, so I didn't want to whip out my
camera and start taking pictures of their food quite yet,
but once I get up the courage, I will so you can see this deliciousness I am 
talking about.
I will have to get the chicken recipe and share it with you.
But for now, I will share the most tasty salad we had to go with it!

I loved it so much I went to the store in the morning 
to get the ingredients so I could have it for lunch.

Here is all it had.

Mix those all together, an you have a salad!
The dressing is so good!  And the real kicker were these. . . .

I also added some fresh mozzarella.
The mozzarella was on "quick sale" at the store, and I am trying to be sure to get my calcium in these days.
(I worry I am going to get osteoporosis, or a hunched back, and I don't want to)
Plus, I think fresh mozzarella is pretty darn good.

Next time I am going to add some bacon.
I think that would make it even tastier!


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